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1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
ProspectTeam NameDraft YearOverall PickInformationLast Trade DateLink
Alexander PelevinCarolina Hurricanes16171
Jake ElmerLos Angeles Kings00
Linus KarlssonSt. Louis Blues00
Aapeli RasanenSan Jose Sharks00
Aarne TalvitieDallas Stars00
Aaron DellMontreal Canadiens00Link
Aaron HuglenToronto Maple Leafs00
Aaron LuchukOttawa Senators00
Aaron PionkNew York Islanders16182
Aatu RatyNew Jersey Devils00
Adam CracknellVancouver Canucks00Link
Adam EngstromAnaheim Ducks00
Adam GajanMinnesota Wild1646
Adam GaudetteMontreal Canadiens00
Adam HuskaNew York Rangers00
Adam IngramMontreal Canadiens00
Adam MascherinAnaheim Ducks00
Adam MasherinFlorida Panthers00
Adam RuzickaChicago Blackhawks00Link
Adam SykoraBuffalo Sabres00
Adam WernerNew York Rangers00
Adam WilsbySt. Louis Blues00
Adam johnsonLos Angeles Kings00
Aidan DudasWashington Capitals00
Aidan HreschukCalgary Flames00
Aidan ThompsonFlorida Panthers00
Aiden FinkBuffalo Sabres16156
Akito hiroseLos Angeles Kings00
Aku KoskenvuoOttawa Senators00
Alan McShaneSan Jose Sharks00
Albert JohanssonLos Angeles Kings00
Albert WikmanSeattle Kraken16160
Albin ErikssonTampa Bay Lightning00
Albin GreweBuffalo Sabres00
Alec RegulaNew York Islanders00Link
Aleksandr KisakovOttawa Senators00
Aleksanteri KaskimakiDallas Stars00
Aleksi HeimosalmiCarolina Hurricanes00
Aleksi HeponiemiSan Jose Sharks00Link
Aleksi SaarelaNew York Islanders00
Ales StezkaAnaheim Ducks00
Alex BeaucageNew York Islanders00
Alex BelzileLos Angeles Kings00Link
Alex BiegaOttawa Senators00Link
Alex BumpDallas Stars00
Alex ChiassonWinnipeg Jets00Link
Alex CiernikMinnesota Wild16102
Alex CottonMinnesota Wild00
Alex FormentonNew Jersey Devils00Link
Alex GalchenyukTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Alex JefferiesMontreal Canadiens00
Alex NintuniemiNashville Predators00
Alex PetersWashington Capitals00
Alex PetrovicNew Jersey Devils00
Alex PharandVancouver Canucks16136
Alex StalockAnaheim Ducks00Link
Alexander CampbellAnaheim Ducks00
Alexander ChmelevskiSan Jose Sharks00
Alexander DelnovSan Jose Sharks00
Alexander EdlerPittsburgh Penguins00Link
Alexander GreenSt. Louis Blues00
Alexander KhovanovAnaheim Ducks00
Alexander LjunqkrantzVegas Golden Knights00
Alexander NikishinCarolina Hurricanes00
Alexander PashinCarolina Hurricanes00
Alexander PechurskiToronto Maple Leafs00
Alexander PerevalovTampa Bay Lightning00
Alexander RykovCarolina Hurricanes1695
Alexander SteenVegas Golden Knights00Link
Alexander SuzdalevPhiladelphia Flyers00
Alexander VolkovTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Alexandr DarinSt. Louis Blues00
Alexandre DoucetAnaheim Ducks1623
Alexei KolosovWashington Capitals00
Alexei MelnichukNew York Rangers00
Alexis GravelSt. Louis Blues00
Alfons MalmstromNashville Predators00
Amadeus LombardiMontreal Canadiens00
Anatoli GolyshevOttawa Senators00
Anders BjorkFlorida Panthers00Link
Anders NilssonToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Andreas BorgmanSan Jose Sharks00Link
Andreas BorgmannLos Angeles Kings00
Andreas JohnssonSeattle Kraken00Link
Andrei AnltybarkmakyanToronto Maple Leafs00
Andrei BuyalskyPittsburgh Penguins00
Andrei LoshkoNashville Predators16126
Andrej SekeraVegas Golden Knights00Link
Andrew AgozzinoCalgary Flames00Link
Andrew BodnarchukToronto Maple Leafs00
Andrew CampbellToronto Maple Leafs00
Andrew CristallNashville Predators1628
Andrew GibsonNew York Islanders1647
Andrew MacDonaldCalgary Flames00Link
Andrew StrathmannFlorida Panthers16133
Andy GreeneBoston Bruins00Link
Angus BoothPhiladelphia Flyers00
Angus MacDonellDallas Stars16187
Anthony AngelloMontreal Canadiens00Link
Anthony CamaraSan Jose Sharks00
Antoine BibeauVancouver Canucks00
Antoine BibeauVegas Golden Knights00Link
Antoine MorandToronto Maple Leafs00
Anton JohannessonCalgary Flames00
Anton JohanssonSt. Louis Blues00
Anton OlssonVegas Golden Knights00
Anton WahlbergPhiladelphia Flyers1641
Antonio StrangeMinnesota Wild00
Antti SaarelaWashington Capitals00
Antti SuomelaSt. Louis Blues00Link
Antti TuomistoMontreal Canadiens00
Anttoni HonkaCarolina Hurricanes002024-06-01
Aram MinnetianBuffalo Sabres16152
Arseni SergeevLos Angeles Kings00
Arseny GritsyukNashville Predators00
Arseny KoromyslovNew York Rangers00
Artem AnisimovTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Artem GrushnikovPhiladelphia Flyers00
Artem GuryevBoston Bruins00
Artem ShlaineTampa Bay Lightning00
Artemi KniazevCalgary Flames00
Arttu KarkiCalgary Flames16131
Arttu RuotsalainenColumbus Blue Jackets00
Artur AkthyamovToronto Maple Leafs00
Artur KayumovNashville Predators00
Artyom DudaNew York Rangers002024-02-26
Artyome GalimovVegas Golden Knights00
Austin PoganskiMontreal Canadiens00Link
Austin WagnerAnaheim Ducks00
Axel AnderssonAnaheim Ducks00
Axel LandenCalgary Flames16163
Axel Sandin PellikkaOttawa Senators1610
Aydar SunievNew Jersey Devils1686
Ayrton MArtinoPhiladelphia Flyers00
Barett HallCalgary Flames00
Bear HughesNew Jersey Devils00
Beau AkeyToronto Maple Leafs1668
Beckett HendricksonBoston Bruins16159
Ben BoydOttawa Senators00
Ben HarpurNew Jersey Devils00Link
Ben MacDonaldColumbus Blue Jackets00
Ben MeehansLos Angeles Kings00
Ben ThomasWashington Capitals00
Ben tompsonSan Jose Sharks00
Benjamin GaudreauTampa Bay Lightning00
Benjamin GleasonToronto Maple Leafs00
Benjamin JonesOttawa Senators00
Benjamin JonesOttawa Senators00Link
Benjamin RogerAnaheim Ducks00
Blade JenkinsSan Jose Sharks00
Blake BiondiVegas Golden Knights00
Blake McLaughlinAnaheim Ducks00
Blake MurrayCarolina Hurricanes00
Bode WildeNashville Predators00
Bogdan KonyushkovFlorida Panthers16147
Bogdan TrineyevVegas Golden Knights00
Bokondji ImamaArizona Coyotes00
Brad GardinerNew Jersey Devils16103
Brad LambertMontreal Canadiens00
Brad MorrisonColumbus Blue Jackets00
Braden HoltbyVancouver Canucks00Link
Bradly NadeauCarolina Hurricanes00
Brady ClevelandSeattle Kraken1656
Brandon BussiNew York Rangers16144
Brandon CoeNew Jersey Devils00
Brandon PirriFlorida Panthers00Link
Brandon SutterVegas Golden Knights00Link
Brandon SvobodaSeattle Kraken1696
Brayden TraceyLos Angeles Kings00
Brayden YagerLos Angeles Kings1619
Brendan GuhleColumbus Blue Jackets00Link
Brendan PerliniCarolina Hurricanes00Link
Brendan WarrenWinnipeg Jets00
Brennan OthmannBuffalo Sabres00
Brent JohnsonDallas Stars00
Brent Pedersen Washington Capitals00
Brett BerardMinnesota Wild00
Brett HarrisonPhiladelphia Flyers00
Brett PollockNew York Islanders00
Brett RitchieDallas Stars00Link
Brett lernoutBoston Bruins00
Brian BoyleWinnipeg Jets00Link
Brian ElliottTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Brian ZanettiOttawa Senators00
Brody LambAnaheim Ducks00
Brogan RaffertiyNew York Rangers00
Brooks MacekBuffalo Sabres00Link
Bryan LittleNew York Islanders00Link
Bryce McConnell-BarkerDallas Stars002024-02-27
Bryce MisleyPittsburgh Penguins00
Bryce MontgomeryCarolina Hurricanes00
Bulat ShafigullinMinnesota Wild00
C.J. SmithSan Jose Sharks00Link
Cade WebberSt. Louis Blues002024-06-01
Caden PriceBuffalo Sabres1685
Caedan BankierPhiladelphia Flyers00
Cal FooteTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Cal O'ReillyTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Calle ClangColumbus Blue Jackets00
Calle OdeliusMinnesota Wild00
Callum BoothAnaheim Ducks00
Calum RitchieMinnesota Wild1629
Calvin ThurkaufSan Jose Sharks00
Cam DineenMontreal Canadiens00
Cam LundMinnesota Wild00
Cam SquiresPittsburgh Penguins16151
Cameron AllenMinnesota Wild16134
Cameron BergSt. Louis Blues00
Cameron ClarkeToronto Maple Leafs00
Cameron HillisAnaheim Ducks00
Cameron MacDonaldAnaheim Ducks00
Cameron MorrisonAnaheim Ducks00
Cameron ONeillVegas Golden Knights00
Cameron WhiteheadNew York Islanders00
Cameron WhynotChicago Blackhawks00
Carey PriceColorado Avalanche00Link
Carey TerrancePhiladelphia Flyers1673
Carl GunnarssonToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Carl HagelinWinnipeg Jets00Link
Carl LindbomDetroit Red Wings16114
Carl NeillDallas Stars00
Carsen TwarinskyDallas Stars00
Carson BantleNew Jersey Devils00
Carson BjarnasonNew Jersey Devils1639
Carson FochtNew Jersey Devils00
Carson LambosPhiladelphia Flyers00
Carson LatimerCalgary Flames00
Carson RehkopfSeattle Kraken1664
Carter BergerFlorida Panthers00
Carter MazurPittsburgh Penguins00
Carter SavoieNew York Rangers00
Carter SotheranVancouver Canucks16168
Case McCarthyAnaheim Ducks00
Casey FitzgeraldPhiladelphia Flyers00Link
Casey NelsonToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Cedric PaquetteWinnipeg Jets00Link
Cedrick GuindonNew York Islanders00
Chad YetmanDallas Stars00
Charles HudonToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Charles-Alexis LegaultColorado Avalanche16113
Charlie LeddyPhiladelphia Flyers00
Charlie StramelMontreal Canadiens1631
Chase De LeoMontreal Canadiens00Link
Chase StillmanChicago Blackhawks00
Chaz LuciusNew York Islanders00
Chris MartenetSan Jose Sharks00
Chris WidemanSeattle Kraken00Link
Christian DjoosFlorida Panthers00Link
Christian FolinToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Christian KyrouNashville Predators00
Christian WolaninBuffalo Sabres00Link
Christophe LalancetteNew York Islanders00
Christopher DiDomenicoNew York Islanders00
Christopher GibsonLos Angeles Kings00Link
Christopher PelosiVegas Golden Knights16130
Clark BishopNashville Predators00Link
Clayton PhillipsWashington Capitals00
Cliff PuWashington Capitals00
Cody EakinToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Colby AmbrosioFlorida Panthers00
Colby BarlowNashville Predators1615
Cole Brady Winnipeg Jets00
Cole FonstadPittsburgh Penguins00
Cole HuckinsOttawa Senators00
Cole JordanChicago Blackhawks00
Cole KnublePhiladelphia Flyers16137
Cole O'HaraVancouver Canucks00
Cole SpicerColumbus Blue Jackets00
Cole Ully New York Islanders00
Colin WilsonToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Coltem EllisNew York Islanders00
Colton DachNew Jersey Devils00
Colton PointOttawa Senators00
Colton SceviourTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Colton WhiteTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Conner RouletteNew Jersey Devils00
Connor BleackleySan Jose Sharks00
Connor BunnamanWashington Capitals00Link
Connor CarrickOttawa Senators00Link
Connor ChathamToronto Maple Leafs00
Connor HvidstonPhiladelphia Flyers002024-03-07
Connor MackeyNew York Rangers00Link
Connor McLennonEdmonton Oilers00
Conor Clifton Calgary Flames00
Conor GeekiePittsburgh Penguins00
Cooper Moore Toronto Maple Leafs00
Corey SchuenemanOttawa Senators00Link
Corson CeulemansPhiladelphia Flyers00
Cory ConacherCarolina Hurricanes00Link
Cory SchneiderVancouver Canucks00Link
Coulson PitreFlorida Panthers1683
Craig AndersonSan Jose Sharks00Link
Cross HanasMinnesota Wild00
Cruz LuciusNashville Predators00
Curtis DouglasTampa Bay Lightning00
Curtis HallSan Jose Sharks00
Curtis McElhinneySan Jose Sharks00Link
Daimon GardnerCalgary Flames00
Dalibor DvorskyMinnesota Wild166
Dalton SmithSan Jose Sharks00
Damian ClaraOttawa Senators1674
Dan GirardiBoston Bruins00Link
Dan RenoufNew York Rangers00Link
Dane FoxWashington Capitals00
Danick MartelLos Angeles Kings00
Daniel TorgerssonCalgary Flames00
Daniil ButMontreal Canadiens1613
Daniil ChaykaSt. Louis Blues00
Daniil ChechelevNew York Islanders00
Daniil OrlovMontreal Canadiens00
Daniil SobolevOttawa Senators00
Daniil ZharkovWashington Capitals00
Danil MisyulAnaheim Ducks00
Danila KlimovichPhiladelphia Flyers00
Danila YurovMinnesota Wild00
Danny NelsonToronto Maple Leafs1659
Danny ZhilkinSt. Louis Blues00
Dans LocmelisWinnipeg Jets00
David EdstromVancouver Canucks1640
David FarranceNashville Predators00
David GoyetteNew Jersey Devils00
David QuennevilleOttawa Senators00
David ReinbacherVancouver Canucks168
David SpacekColorado Avalanche00
Demetrios KoumontzisWinnipeg Jets00
Denis MalginVegas Golden Knights00Link
Denis SmirnovPittsburgh Penguins00
Dennis CholowskiBuffalo Sabres00Link
Dennis HildebyLos Angeles Kings00
Dennis YanMinnesota Wild00
Denton MateychukMontreal Canadiens00
Denver BarkeyPittsburgh Penguins16119
Derek GrantWashington Capitals00Link
Derek MacKenzieSan Jose Sharks00
Derek StepanSt. Louis Blues00Link
Derick BrassardVegas Golden Knights00Link
Deryk EngellandSan Jose Sharks00Link
Devante StephensDallas Stars00
Deven SideroffWinnipeg Jets00
Devin KaplanNew York Islanders00
Dillon HamaliukTampa Bay Lightning00
Dillon Heatherington Philadelphia Flyers00
Dmitri BuchelnikovMontreal Canadiens00
Dmitri SamorukovNashville Predators00Link
Dmitriy SimashevCarolina Hurricanes1611
Dmitry KostenkoVancouver Canucks00
Dmitry KuzminDallas Stars00
Dmitry OvchinnikovColumbus Blue Jackets00
Dmitry RashevskyCalgary Flames00
Dmitry SemykinNew Jersey Devils00
Dmitry ZavgorodniyNew York Rangers00
Dmitryl ZhukenovFlorida Panthers00
Dom DiVincentiisBuffalo Sabres00
Domenick FensoreCarolina Hurricanes002024-06-02
Dominc TurgeonToronto Maple Leafs00
Dominic TurgeonToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Dominik BokkTampa Bay Lightning00
Dominik MasinDallas Stars00
Dominik SimonDallas Stars00Link
Donovan SebrangoNashville Predators00
Drake CaggiulaNew Jersey Devils00Link
Drew CommessoChicago Blackhawks00
Drew FortescueTampa Bay Lightning16127
Drew HellesonVegas Golden Knights00
Dustin ByfuglienFlorida Panthers00Link
Dylan BlujusFlorida Panthers00
Dylan DukeBuffalo Sabres00
Dylan GambrellDallas Stars00Link
Dylan GarandVancouver Canucks00
Dylan JamesNew York Islanders00
Dylan Labbe Toronto Maple Leafs00
Dylan MackinnonOttawa Senators16106
Dylan PetersonNashville Predators00
Dysin MayoBoston Bruins00Link
Eamon McAdamToronto Maple Leafs00
Eamon PowelTampa Bay Lightning00
Easton CowanVegas Golden Knights1634
Eduard SaleMinnesota Wild1626
Edward PasqualeSan Jose Sharks00Link
Eemeli RasanenDallas Stars00
Eemil ViroDallas Stars00
Eetu LiukasDallas Stars00
Eetu MakiniemiMinnesota Wild00
Egor AfanasyevLos Angeles Kings00
Egor SokolovMontreal Canadiens00Link
Egor YakovlevBuffalo Sabres00Link
Elias PetterssonFlorida Panthers00
Elias SalomonssonNew Jersey Devils00
Elliot DesnoyerNew Jersey Devils00
Elmer SoderblomNew York Rangers00
Emil AndreaDallas Stars00
Emil HeinemanAnaheim Ducks00
Emil JarventieMinnesota Wild16164
Emil PieniniemiSeattle Kraken16128
Emile PoirierSan Jose Sharks00
Emmet CroteauDallas Stars00
Eric HjorthNashville Predators00
Eric PohlkampNew Jersey Devils16165
Eric StaalArizona Coyotes00Link
Erik FoleyPittsburgh Penguins00
Erik KallgrenSan Jose Sharks00
Erik PortilloDetroit Red Wings00
Etan Del MastroMinnesota Wild00
Ethan CardwellBuffalo Sabres00
Ethan EdwardsNashville Predators00
Ethan GauthierColumbus Blue Jackets16382024-03-09
Ethan HaiderChicago Blackhawks00
Ethan KeppenColumbus Blue Jackets00
Ethan MiedemaMinnesota Wild1690
Ethan PhillipsToronto Maple Leafs00
Etienne MorinMinnesota Wild1642
Evan BarrattSt. Louis Blues00
Evan CormierColumbus Blue Jackets00
Evan CowleyNashville Predators00
Evan FitzpatrickSt. Louis Blues00
Evan McGrattToronto Maple Leafs00
Evan NauseNew Jersey Devils00
Evan VierlingNew York Rangers00
Evgenii DadonovTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Evgeny SvechnikovTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Fabian LysellCarolina Hurricanes00
Fedor SvechkovPhiladelphia Flyers00
Felix NilssonSeattle Kraken1651
Felix Unger SorumCarolina Hurricanes1650
Filip BerglundDetroit Red Wings00
Filip BystedtNew York Rangers00
Filip CederqvistVegas Golden Knights00
Filip ChlapikNashville Predators00Link
Filip HallanderNew Jersey Devils00Link
Filip JohanssonToronto Maple Leafs00
Filip LarssonNew York Rangers002024-06-09
Filip MesarNew Jersey Devils00
Filip NordbergMontreal Canadiens00
Filip WesterlundVegas Golden Knights00
Florian XhekajNew Jersey Devils1663
Francesco PinelliBuffalo Sabres00
Frank NazarNew Jersey Devils00
Frans NielsenOttawa Senators00Link
Frederic AllardWashington Capitals00
Frederic BrunetNew York Rangers00
Frederick Nissen DichowVegas Golden Knights00
Frederik GauthierVancouver Canucks00Link
Fredrick KarlstromToronto Maple Leafs00
Gabe PerreaultNew Jersey Devils1617
Gabriel CarlssonSeattle Kraken00Link
Gabriel FortierCalgary Flames00Link
Gabriel LandeskogColorado Avalanche00Link
Gabryel Paquin Boudreau Florida Panthers00
Gage AlexanderNew York Islanders00
Gage GonglavesNew Jersey Devils00
Gannon LaroqueFlorida Panthers00
Garrett BrownColorado Avalanche00
Garrett PilonNashville Predators00Link
Gavin BayreutherMontreal Canadiens00Link
Gavin HayesAnaheim Ducks00
Gavin McCarthyColumbus Blue Jackets16110
Gavin WhiteVegas Golden Knights00
Gemel SmithBuffalo Sabres00Link
George FegarasBuffalo Sabres00
German RubtsovAnaheim Ducks00
Gianni FairbrotherMontreal Canadiens00
Gleb TrikozovCarolina Hurricanes00
Glenn GawdinNew York Rangers00
Gracyn SawchynMinnesota Wild1657
Graeme ClarkTampa Bay Lightning00
Graham KnottBuffalo Sabres00
Graham SwardAnaheim Ducks00
Grant MismachToronto Maple Leafs00
Greg McKeggNew Jersey Devils00Link
Greg PaterynFlorida Panthers00Link
Guillaume BriseboisColorado Avalanche16135
Guillaume RichardWashington Capitals00
Haakon HaneltSt. Louis Blues00
Hampton SlukynskyDallas Stars16124
Harri SateriToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Harrison BlaidsellFlorida Panthers00
Helge GransVegas Golden Knights00
Henri IkonenToronto Maple Leafs00
Henri NikkanenFlorida Panthers00
Henrik BorgstromFlorida Panthers00Link
Henrik HaapalaLos Angeles Kings00
Henrik RybinskiNew York Rangers00
Hoyt StanleyNew York Islanders16146
Hugo AlnefeltNashville Predators00Link
Hunter BrzustewiczNew York Islanders1689
Hunter FejesWashington Capitals00
Hunter HaightSt. Louis Blues00
Hunter JonesVegas Golden Knights00
Hunter McDonaldNew Jersey Devils00
Hunter ShinkarukNew York Islanders00
Hunter SkinnerLos Angeles Kings00
Ian MooreVegas Golden Knights00
Igor BobkovToronto Maple Leafs00
Igor GrigorenkoToronto Maple Leafs00
Ilya FedotovPhiladelphia Flyers00
Ilya KonovalovColumbus Blue Jackets00
Ilya NikolaevChicago Blackhawks00
Isaac BelliveauToronto Maple Leafs00
Isaac RatcliffeDallas Stars00Link
Isaiah GeorgeNew York Islanders00
Isaiah SavilleSt. Louis Blues00
Isak RosenPhiladelphia Flyers00
Ivan ChekhovichSan Jose Sharks00
Ivan LodniaFlorida Panthers00
Ivan MorozovFlorida Panthers00
J.T. CompherNew York Islanders00Link
Jachym KondelikTampa Bay Lightning00
Jack AchanNew York Rangers00
Jack BadiniNew York Islanders00
Jack BarOttawa Senators00
Jack BeckWinnipeg Jets00
Jack FinleySan Jose Sharks00
Jack GorniakWinnipeg Jets00
Jack HallumPittsburgh Penguins00
Jack HuguesNew Jersey Devils00
Jack LafontaineCarolina Hurricanes00
Jack MatierNew Jersey Devils00
Jack PeartOttawa Senators00
Jack PerbixColumbus Blue Jackets00
Jack PhelanPhiladelphia Flyers16169
Jack RathboneCalgary Flames00Link
Jack SmithVegas Golden Knights00
Jack St.IvanyAnaheim Ducks00
Jack ThompsonDallas Stars00
Jackson BlakeCarolina Hurricanes00
Jackson Houck Toronto Maple Leafs00
Jackson KunzNew Jersey Devils00
Jacob FowlerMontreal Canadiens1665
Jacob HolmesToronto Maple Leafs00
Jacob JulienBoston Bruins16191
Jacob LarssonVancouver Canucks00Link
Jacob LeguerrierVegas Golden Knights00
Jacob MelansonNew York Islanders00
Jacob OlofssonSt. Louis Blues00
Jacob PerreaultNew Jersey Devils00Link
Jacob RagnarssonToronto Maple Leafs00
Jacob TruscottVegas Golden Knights00
Jacob de La RoseWinnipeg Jets00Link
Jaden LipinskiColorado Avalanche1680
Jagger FirkusMinnesota Wild00
Jake BoltmannAnaheim Ducks00
Jake ChiassonChicago Blackhawks00
Jake FurlongCalgary Flames00
Jake KarabelaToronto Maple Leafs00
Jake PivonkaToronto Maple Leafs00
Jake VirtanenDetroit Red Wings00Link
Jake WiseSt. Louis Blues00
Jakob Forsbacka KarlssonToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Jakob LaukoNashville Predators00
Jakub BrabenecFlorida Panthers00
Jakub DemekPhiladelphia Flyers00
Jakub DobesMontreal Canadiens00
Jakub DvorakCalgary Flames1667
Jakub MalekVancouver Canucks00
Jakub SkarekChicago Blackhawks00
Jakub StanclColumbus Blue Jackets16142
Jakub VondrasEdmonton Oilers00
Jakub VoracekOttawa Senators00Link
Jakub ZborilMontreal Canadiens00Link
Jalen LuypenChicago Blackhawks16129
James GreenwaySan Jose Sharks00
James NealPittsburgh Penguins00Link
Jamieson ReesCarolina Hurricanes00
Jan BednardNashville Predators00
Jan Kostalek Toronto Maple Leafs00
Jan MysakNew Jersey Devils00
Jani NymanCalgary Flames00
Janne KuokkanenBuffalo Sabres00Link
Jared DavidsonTampa Bay Lightning00
Jared McIsaacFlorida Panthers00
Jaromir PytlikEdmonton Oilers00
Jaroslav ChmelarNew Jersey Devils00
Jaroslav HalakSeattle Kraken00Link
Jason AkesonNashville Predators00
Jason DemersVegas Golden Knights00Link
Jasper WeatherbyColumbus Blue Jackets00Link
Jay BeaglePittsburgh Penguins00Link
Jay O'BrienNew Jersey Devils00
Jayce HawrylukNew York Islanders00Link
Jayden GrubbeFlorida Panthers00
Jayden HalbgewachsOttawa Senators00
Jayden PerronCarolina Hurricanes1671
Jayson ShaugabayDallas Stars16122
Jean Christophe BeaudinToronto Maple Leafs00
Jean Luc FoudyAnaheim Ducks00
Jens LookeWashington Capitals00
Jeremie PoirierNew Jersey Devils00
Jeremy BraccoNashville Predators00
Jeremy DaviesMinnesota Wild00Link
Jeremy HanzelChicago Blackhawks16188
Jeremy LangloisToronto Maple Leafs00
Jeremy RoyNashville Predators00
Jeremy WelshTampa Bay Lightning00
Jesper EliassonTampa Bay Lightning00
Jesper LindgrenToronto Maple Leafs00
Jesper SellgrenCarolina Hurricanes00
Jesse KiiskinenTampa Bay Lightning1692
Jesse NurmiFlorida Panthers16150
Jet WooDallas Stars00
Jimmy SnuggerudNew York Islanders00
Jiri FelcmanSt. Louis Blues16112
Jiri KulichPhiladelphia Flyers00
Joakim KemellPhiladelphia Flyers002024-06-06
Joaquim LemayVancouver Canucks00
Joe HickettsLos Angeles Kings00
Joel BlomqvistVancouver Canucks00
Joel KellmanFlorida Panthers00Link
Joey KeaneCarolina Hurricanes00
Joey WillisPhiladelphia Flyers161482024-03-08
Johan SundstromNashville Predators00
John DraegerSan Jose Sharks00
John FarinacciMinnesota Wild00
John Ludvig Toronto Maple Leafs00
John MerrillBoston Bruins00Link
John MooreVegas Golden Knights00Link
Jon GilliesEdmonton Oilers00Link
Jonathan AngFlorida Panthers00
Jonathan BernierVancouver Canucks00Link
Jonathan CastagnaMontreal Canadiens1676
Jonathan DahlenBuffalo Sabres00
Jonathan LekkerimakiChicago Blackhawks00
Jonathan MyrenbergWinnipeg Jets00
Jonathan ToewsArizona Coyotes00Link
Jonathan TychonickWashington Capitals00
Joni IkonenPittsburgh Penguins00
Joni JurmoNew Jersey Devils00
Joona LuotoColumbus Blue Jackets00
Joonas LyytinenFlorida Panthers00
Jordan DumaisPittsburgh Penguins00
Jordan GustafsonSt. Louis Blues00
Jordan SambrookLos Angeles Kings00
Jordan SchmaltzNashville Predators00
Jordan SubbanToronto Maple Leafs00
Jordie BennVancouver Canucks00Link
Joren Van PottelberheOttawa Senators00
Jorian DonovanWinnipeg Jets00
Joseph CecconiFlorida Panthers00
Josh BaileyCalgary Flames00Link
Josh BloomSt. Louis Blues00
Josh BrookSt. Louis Blues00
Josh CurrieSan Jose Sharks00
Josh HealeyDallas Stars00Link
Josh JacobsNew York Rangers00
Josh LeivoSeattle Kraken00Link
Josh LopinaPhiladelphia Flyers00
Josh PillarVegas Golden Knights00
Judd Caulfield New York Islanders00
Juha JatkolaNew Jersey Devils16158
Juho MarkkanColumbus Blue Jackets00
Jujhar KhairaChicago Blackhawks00Link
Julian LutzChicago Blackhawks00
Julien PelletierColumbus Blue Jackets00
Julius HonkaFlorida Panthers00Link
Julius NattinenVancouver Canucks00
Juraj PekarcikToronto Maple Leafs16100
Justin Almeida Buffalo Sabres00
Justin BraunSeattle Kraken00Link
Justin ErtelFlorida Panthers00
Justin FontaineToronto Maple Leafs00
Justin GillNew Jersey Devils16186
Justin KeaVancouver Canucks00
Justin RobidasPittsburgh Penguins00
Justin SourdifNew Jersey Devils00
Justin VaiveWashington Capitals00
Kaden HammellChicago Blackhawks16185
Kalan LindSeattle Kraken1655
Kalle VaisanenPhiladelphia Flyers00
Karch BackmanColumbus Blue Jackets00
Karl HenrikssonAnaheim Ducks00
Kasimir KaskisuoNew York Rangers00
Kasper HalttunenSeattle Kraken1648
Kasper KulonummiOttawa Senators00
Kasper SimontaivalVegas Golden Knights00
Kassper KotkansaloToronto Maple Leafs00
Keaton MiddletonSan Jose Sharks00
Keith KinkaidVancouver Canucks00Link
Keith PetruzelliCarolina Hurricanes00
Kenny ConnorsMontreal Canadiens00
Kevin BickerSeattle Kraken16192
Kevin ReidlerSt. Louis Blues00
Kevin WallCarolina Hurricanes00
Kieffer BellowsColumbus Blue Jackets00Link
Kim NousiainenFlorida Panthers00
Kirill DolzhenkovWashington Capitals00
Kirill GerasimyukVegas Golden Knights00
Kirill KirsanovMinnesota Wild00
Kirill UstimenkoSt. Louis Blues00
Kody ClarkBoston Bruins00
Koehn ZiemmerBuffalo Sabres1675
Kole SherwoodFlorida Panthers00Link
Konnor SmithColorado Avalanche1688
Kris RussellPittsburgh Penguins00Link
Kristian VesalainenTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Kyle CapobiancoNashville Predators00Link
Kyle KukkonenTampa Bay Lightning00
Kyle MastersToronto Maple Leafs00
Kyle OlsonPittsburgh Penguins00
Kyle Platzer San Jose Sharks00
Kyle TurrisVegas Golden Knights00Link
Lane ZablockiTampa Bay Lightning00
Larry KeenanNew York Islanders16153
Lassi ThomsonFlorida Panthers00Link
Lauri TukonenToronto Maple Leafs00
Layton AhacDallas Stars00
Leevi AaltonenMontreal Canadiens00
Leevi MerilainenCalgary Flames00
Lenni HameenahoVancouver Canucks1672
Lenni KillinenWinnipeg Jets00
Leo KomarovVegas Golden Knights00Link
Leo LoofMontreal Canadiens00
Liam Dower-NillsonMinnesota Wild00
Liam GilmartinTampa Bay Lightning00
Liam HawelColumbus Blue Jackets00
Liam OhgrenLos Angeles Kings00
Lian BichselSt. Louis Blues00
Lias AnderssonToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Libor HajekFlorida Panthers00Link
Linus ArnessonBuffalo Sabres00
Linus Lindstrand CronholmCalgary Flames00
Linus NassenMinnesota Wild00
Linus SoderstromSt. Louis Blues00
Logan BrownVancouver Canucks00Link
Logan HutskoBuffalo Sabres00
Logan MaillouxNew York Islanders00
Logan NeatonVegas Golden Knights00
Luca CagnoniDetroit Red Wings16108
Luca MunzenbergerOttawa Senators00
Luca PinelliMinnesota Wild16132
Lucas CarlssonMinnesota Wild00Link
Lucas CionaChicago Blackhawks16161
Lucas EdmondsVancouver Canucks00
Lucas FeukWinnipeg Jets00
Lucas JohansenNew York Islanders00
Lucas MercuriCarolina Hurricanes00
Ludvig JanssonNew York Rangers002024-02-26
Ludwig BlomstrandBuffalo Sabres00
Ludwig PerssonBuffalo Sabres00
Lukas CormierLos Angeles Kings00
Lukas DragicevicNashville Predators1630
Lukas ElvenesSt. Louis Blues00
Lukas ParikEdmonton Oilers00
Lukas SvejkovskiMontreal Canadiens00
Luke GreenCalgary Flames00
Luke HenmanCarolina Hurricanes00
Luke JohnsonSan Jose Sharks00
Luke ProkopNew York Islanders00
Luke StevensWinnipeg Jets00
Luke TuchColorado Avalanche00
Mac HollowellPittsburgh Penguins00
Mack GuzdaNew York Rangers16170
Malte SetkovNashville Predators00
Manix LandryTampa Bay Lightning00
Marc-André GaudetNew York Islanders00
Marcel MarcelColorado Avalanche1694
Marco KasperNew Jersey Devils00
Marcus BjorkSan Jose Sharks16175
Marcus DavidssonToronto Maple Leafs00
Marcus HogbergOttawa Senators00Link
Marcus KallionkieliCalgary Flames00
Marek AlscherNew Jersey Devils00
Marek ZagrapanToronto Maple Leafs00
Mario LuciaToronto Maple Leafs00
Mark BorowieckiToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Mark FayneColumbus Blue Jackets00
Mark PysykArizona Coyotes00Link
Markus GranlundFlorida Panthers00Link
Markus KarlbergWashington Capitals00
Markus NiemelainenChicago Blackhawks00Link
Markus NurmiSan Jose Sharks00
Markus NutivaaraToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Markus PhillipsNashville Predators00
Marshall WarrenMinnesota Wild00
Martin ChromiakMontreal Canadiens00
Martin FrkMontreal Canadiens00
Martin KautColumbus Blue Jackets00
Martin MisiakLos Angeles Kings1654
Martin RewayOttawa Senators00
Martins DzierkalsToronto Maple Leafs00
Mason BeaupitDetroit Red Wings00
Mason GeertsenCalgary Flames00Link
Mason MillmanAnaheim Ducks00
Mason PrimeauWinnipeg Jets00
Matej BlumelAnaheim Ducks00
Matej PekarAnaheim Ducks00
Mathias Emilio PettersenChicago Blackhawks00
Mathieu CatafordColorado Avalanche1662
Mats LindgrenColorado Avalanche00
Matt CareyOttawa Senators00
Matt ClarckWashington Capitals00
Matt CoronatoVegas Golden Knights00
Matt FilipePhiladelphia Flyers002024-06-04
Matt FinnNashville Predators00
Matt IrwinSan Jose Sharks00Link
Matt KierstedWashington Capitals00
Matt LuffLos Angeles Kings00Link
Matt MacKenzieVancouver Canucks00
Matt MurrayVegas Golden Knights00Link
Matt PelechToronto Maple Leafs00
Matt VillaltaNew York Islanders00
Matteo MannColorado Avalanche16173
Matthew AndonovskiWinnipeg Jets16177
Matthew MaggioVancouver Canucks00
Matthew ManiaMinnesota Wild16121
Matthew MordenNashville Predators00
Matthew PerkinsNew Jersey Devils16154
Matthew RobertsonFlorida Panthers00
Matthew SamoskevichTampa Bay Lightning00
Matthew StienburgBuffalo Sabres00
Matthew StromePittsburgh Penguins00
Matthew WoodDallas Stars16162024-06-04
Mattias HavelidTampa Bay Lightning00
Mattias NorlinderNew York Rangers00
Matvei MichkovMontreal Canadiens162
Matvey GuskovToronto Maple Leafs00
Matvey PetrovMinnesota Wild00
Matyas SapovalivMontreal Canadiens00
Maveric LamoureuxColumbus Blue Jackets002024-02-27
Mavrik BourqueColorado Avalanche00
Max McCormickSan Jose Sharks00Link
Max McCueWashington Capitals00
Max WillmanBuffalo Sabres00
Max ZimmerCarolina Hurricanes00
Maxim BarbashevPittsburgh Penguins00
Maxim BerezkinSt. Louis Blues00
Maxim CajkovicChicago Blackhawks00
Maxim GolodSan Jose Sharks00
Maxim MaminLos Angeles Kings00
Maxim MayorovEdmonton Oilers00
Maxim StrbakSeattle Kraken1658
Maxime GroshevSan Jose Sharks00
Maxime LajoieBuffalo Sabres00
Maximilian KilpinenLos Angeles Kings00
Maxwell GildonDallas Stars00
Melker ThelinNew Jersey Devils16167
Michael BenningCalgary Flames00
Michael BrodzinskiNew York Islanders00
Michael BuchingerVegas Golden Knights00
Michael CallahanMinnesota Wild00
Michael CallowPhiladelphia Flyers00
Michael Dal ColleTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Michael DipietroAnaheim Ducks00
Michael EmersonCarolina Hurricanes16140
Michael FisherSt. Louis Blues00
Michael HrabalMontreal Canadiens1633
Michael Krutil Pittsburgh Penguins00
Michael LattaToronto Maple Leafs00
Michael McNivenMontreal Canadiens00
Michael MilneBuffalo Sabres00
Michael RafflOttawa Senators00Link
Michael StoneSeattle Kraken00Link
Michael VukojevicAnaheim Ducks00
Michail MahltsevSt. Louis Blues00
Michal KempnyWinnipeg Jets00Link
Michal TeplyChicago Blackhawks00
Mikael PyythiaSt. Louis Blues00
Mike HardmanMontreal Canadiens00Link
Mike RobinsonNashville Predators00
Mike SmithFlorida Panthers00Link
Mike TestwuideToronto Maple Leafs00
Mikhail AbramovNew York Islanders00
Mikhail GrigorenkoLos Angeles Kings00Link
Mikhail GulyayevToronto Maple Leafs1636
Mikhail IlyinFlorida Panthers16179
Mikhail MaltsevSt. Louis Blues00Link
Mikkel BoedkerVegas Golden Knights00Link
Mikko KokkonenMinnesota Wild00
Mikko KoskinenVegas Golden Knights00Link
Mikko LehtonenLos Angeles Kings00Link
Miko MatikkaMontreal Canadiens00
Milos RomanMinnesota Wild00
Miska KukkonenCalgary Flames00
Mitch Vande SompelAnaheim Ducks00
Mitch Wheaton Florida Panthers00
Mitchell GibsonChicago Blackhawks00
Mitchell HeardBuffalo Sabres00
Mitchell MattsonWashington Capitals00
Mitchell MillerVancouver Canucks00
Mitchell StephensMontreal Canadiens00
Morgan KlimchukTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Nail YakupovVancouver Canucks00
Nate DanielsonNew York Islanders1612
Nate GueninToronto Maple Leafs00
Nathan BeaulieuWashington Capitals00Link
Nathan GaucherNew Jersey Devils00
Nathan LegarePittsburgh Penguins00
Nathan McIverToronto Maple Leafs00
Nathan SchnarrCalgary Flames00
Nathan SmithAnaheim Ducks00Link
Nelson NogierWashington Capitals00Link
Nicholas CaamanoAnaheim Ducks00Link
Nicholas MerkleyToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Nicholas PorcoToronto Maple Leafs00
Nick AbruzzeseChicago Blackhawks00
Nick ChebykinPhiladelphia Flyers00
Nick HenryToronto Maple Leafs00
Nick HoldenArizona Coyotes00Link
Nick LardisMinnesota Wild1661
Nick MalikDetroit Red Wings00
Nick MerkleyToronto Maple Leafs00
Nick MoldenhauerNew York Islanders00
Nick MoutreyWashington Capitals00Link
Nick Moutrey Washington Capitals00
Nick RitchieSeattle Kraken00Link
Nick SorensenSan Jose Sharks00
Nico GrossWashington Capitals00
Nico MyatovicTampa Bay Lightning1645
Nicolas BeaudinVancouver Canucks00Link
Nicolas MelocheSan Jose Sharks00
Nikita ChibrokovMontreal Canadiens00
Nikita GrebenkinMontreal Canadiens00
Nikita GusevMinnesota Wild00Link
Nikita NesterenkoBuffalo Sabres00
Nikita NesterovNew York Islanders00
Nikita NesterovBoston Bruins00Link
Nikita NovikovBuffalo Sabres00
Nikita PavlychevSan Jose Sharks00
Nikita PopugaevMinnesota Wild00
Nikita QuappCarolina Hurricanes16172
Nikita TolopiloLos Angeles Kings16181
Niklas KokkoDallas Stars00
Niklas NordgrenWinnipeg Jets00
Niko HuutanenMontreal Canadiens00
Nikolai MakarovDallas Stars00
Nikolay GoldobinBuffalo Sabres00Link
Nikolay ProkhorkinNashville Predators00
Noah Dower NilssonLos Angeles Kings1653
Noah LabaWashington Capitals00
Noah OstlundVancouver Canucks00
Noah WarrenTampa Bay Lightning00
Noel GunlerWinnipeg Jets00
Noel HoefenmayerAnaheim Ducks00
Noel NordhVegas Golden Knights1698
Nolan AllanChicago Blackhawks00
Nolan BurkeChicago Blackhawks16178
Nolan PatrickSan Jose Sharks00Link
Nolan StevensMinnesota Wild00
Oleg SosunovSan Jose Sharks00
Oliver BonkSeattle Kraken1632
Oliver JohanssonPhiladelphia Flyers00
Oliver KapanenWinnipeg Jets00
Oliver MooreMinnesota Wild1624
Oliver TarnstromVancouver Canucks00
Olivier NadeauBuffalo Sabres00
Olivier RodrigueSan Jose Sharks00
Olle Eriksson EkSan Jose Sharks00
Olli JuoleviTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Olof LindbomNew Jersey Devils00
Ondrej FialaWashington Capitals00
Oscar DanskMontreal Canadiens00
Oscar Fisker MolgaardNew Jersey Devils1649
Oscar KlefbomSt. Louis Blues00Link
Oscar LindbergBuffalo Sabres00Link
Oscar MollerLos Angeles Kings00
Oscar PlandowskiDetroit Red Wings00
Oskar BackSt. Louis Blues00
Oskar JellvikNew Jersey Devils00
Oskar LindblomSt. Louis Blues00Link
Oskar PetterssonNew Jersey Devils00
Oskari SalminenLos Angeles Kings00
Oskarii LaaksonenVancouver Canucks00
Oskars BartulisToronto Maple Leafs00
Ostap SafinOttawa Senators00
Otto KoivulaSt. Louis Blues002024-06-01Link
Otto LeskinenColumbus Blue Jackets00
Otto SalinNashville Predators00
Otto SomppiSan Jose Sharks00
Otto StenbergBuffalo Sabres1620
Owen BeckVegas Golden Knights00
Owen LindmarkAnaheim Ducks00
Owen PickeringColorado Avalanche00
Ozzy WiesblattNew York Rangers00
P.K. SubbanVancouver Canucks00Link
Parker BellTampa Bay Lightning00
Parker FooWinnipeg Jets00
Pascal LabergeMontreal Canadiens00
Pasqual ZitoOttawa Senators00
Patrice BergeronArizona Coyotes00Link
Patrick GuayMontreal Canadiens00
Patrick SharpVancouver Canucks00
Patrick ThomasOttawa Senators16138
Patrik Bartosak New York Islanders00
Patrik EliasToronto Maple Leafs00
Patrik HarmlaCarolina Hurricanes002024-06-01
Patrik NemethPittsburgh Penguins00Link
Patrik PuistolaSt. Louis Blues00
Paul ByronTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Paul FischerColumbus Blue Jackets16174
Paul LudwinskiMontreal Canadiens00
Paul StastnyOttawa Senators00Link
Pavel FrancouzNew Jersey Devils00Link
Pavel NovakBuffalo Sabres00
Peter CehlarikWashington Capitals00Link
Peter ReynoldsMontreal Canadiens00
Petr HauserMontreal Canadiens00
Petr KvacaTampa Bay Lightning00
Philip SvedebackOttawa Senators00
Philippe Desrosiers Washington Capitals00
Phillipe GogullaToronto Maple Leafs00
Philp McRaeToronto Maple Leafs00
Prokhor PoltapovOttawa Senators00
Quentin MillerColorado Avalanche1679
Quentin MustyNew York Islanders1625
Quinn FinleyPittsburgh Penguins00
Quinn OlsonPittsburgh Penguins00
Quinton BurnsCalgary Flames1699
Radim SimekFlorida Panthers00Link
Raivis AnsonsChicago Blackhawks00
Raphael LavoieAnaheim Ducks00
Rasmus AsplundDallas Stars00Link
Rasmus BengtssonBuffalo Sabres00
Rasmus KorhonenPittsburgh Penguins00
Rasmus KumpulainenVegas Golden Knights1666
Redmond SavageNew York Islanders00
Reece NewkirkPittsburgh Penguins00
Reid BoucherSt. Louis Blues00Link
Reid SchaeferVancouver Canucks00
Reilly WalshToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Rhett PitlickMontreal Canadiens00
Richard PanikOttawa Senators00Link
Rieger LorenzBuffalo Sabres00
Riley HeidtMinnesota Wild1643
Riley KidneyNew Jersey Devils00
Riley SheahanMontreal Canadiens00Link
Riley StillmanNew York Islanders00Link
Riley StottsCalgary Flames00
Riley SutterTampa Bay Lightning00
Rob GlobkeNew York Rangers00
Robert MastrosimoneDetroit Red Wings00
Robert OrrBuffalo Sabres00
Robin SaloTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Roby JarventieMontreal Canadiens00
Rocco GrimaldiPhiladelphia Flyers00Link
Rodion AmirovColumbus Blue Jackets00
Rodwin DionicioVegas Golden Knights16162
Roland McKeownDallas Stars00Link
Roman KantserovSeattle Kraken1652
Roman SchmidtVegas Golden Knights00
Ronan SeeleyCarolina Hurricanes00
Roni HirvonenPhiladelphia Flyers00
Roope LaavainenBuffalo Sabres00
Rory KerinsNew York Rangers16189
Rudolfs BalcersSeattle Kraken00Link
Ruslan KhazheyevCarolina Hurricanes16120
Rutger McGroartyNew York Islanders00
Ryan ChesleyAnaheim Ducks00
Ryan CollinsFlorida Panthers00
Ryan DzingelBoston Bruins00Link
Ryan EllisTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Ryan Fitzgerald New York Islanders00
Ryan FrancisSan Jose Sharks00
Ryan GreeneAnaheim Ducks002024-06-09
Ryan HealeyWinnipeg Jets00
Ryan Kujawinski Washington Capitals00
Ryan LeonardNew Jersey Devils167
Ryan MacInnisFlorida Panthers00Link
Ryan MastEdmonton Oilers00
Ryan MerkleyPhiladelphia Flyers00Link
Ryan MurrayDetroit Red Wings00Link
Ryan O RourkeVegas Golden Knights00
Ryan O'Reilly 2Carolina Hurricanes00
Ryan PilonToronto Maple Leafs00
Ryan SuzukiCarolina Hurricanes002024-06-01
Ryan UfkoNew Jersey Devils00
Ryan WhiteFlorida Panthers00
Ryan WintertonPhiladelphia Flyers00
Ryder DonovanNew Jersey Devils00
Ryder KorczakNew York Islanders00
Ryder RolstonNew Jersey Devils00
Sam ColangeloCarolina Hurricanes00
Sam HarrisSt. Louis Blues16118
Sam LipkinMinnesota Wild16183
Sam RinzelMinnesota Wild00
Sam RuoppWashington Capitals00
Sam StangeVancouver Canucks00
Sami NikuMinnesota Wild00Link
Sami VatanenVegas Golden Knights00Link
Sampo RantaCarolina Hurricanes00Link
Samu BauMinnesota Wild16155
Samu SalminenCalgary Flames00
Samu TuomaalaWashington Capitals00
Samuel AsselinLos Angeles Kings00
Samuel HeleniusAnaheim Ducks00
Samuel HonzekNew York Islanders1627
Samuel KnazkoSt. Louis Blues00
Samuel PoulinNew York Islanders00
Samuel SavoieCalgary Flames00
Samuel SjolundFlorida Panthers00
Samule JonssonMontreal Canadiens002024-02-29
Sandis VilmanisNashville Predators00
Santeri SulkuOttawa Senators00
Santeri VirtanenWashington Capitals00
Sasha MutalaChicago Blackhawks00
Sasha PastujovNashville Predators00
Sawyer MynioTampa Bay Lightning16117
Scott HarringtonSeattle Kraken00Link
Scott MorrowCarolina Hurricanes00
Scott RatzlaffMinnesota Wild1693
Scott ReedyBoston Bruins00Link
Scott WalfordWashington Capitals00
Seamus CaseyNashville Predators00
Sean BehrensBuffalo Sabres00
Sean DayWashington Capitals00Link
Sean FarrellArizona Coyotes00
Sean TschigerlOttawa Senators00
Sebastian AhoDPittsburgh Penguins00Link
Sebastien ColbergBuffalo Sabres00
Sebastien CossaOttawa Senators00
Semion ChystyakovSt. Louis Blues00
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevPittsburgh Penguins00
Semyon VyazovoiNew York Islanders00
Sergei IvanovColumbus Blue Jackets00
Sergei MurashovAnaheim Ducks00
Serron NoelNew York Islanders00
Servac PetrovskyBuffalo Sabres00
Seth BartonColumbus Blue Jackets00
Shai BuiumTampa Bay Lightning00
Shakir MukhamadullinLos Angeles Kings00
Shea WeberSan Jose Sharks00Link
Sheldon DriesLos Angeles Kings00Link
Simon ForsmarkCarolina Hurricanes00
Simon KnakMontreal Canadiens00
Simon LundmarkAnaheim Ducks00
Simon RobertssonSt. Louis Blues00
Sondre OldenToronto Maple Leafs00
Spencer KnightArizona Coyotes00Link
Spencer SmallmanNew York Rangers00
Stanislav DeminNew York Rangers00
Stanislav SvozilWashington Capitals00
Stanislav YarovoiCarolina Hurricanes16107
Stefan DhilonPhiladelphia Flyers00
Stelio MattheosNashville Predators00
Stephen HallidayNew Jersey Devils00
Steven FogartyBoston Bruins00Link
Steven KampferBoston Bruins00Link
Stiven SardarianTampa Bay Lightning00
Sutter MuzzattiDetroit Red Wings16180
T.J. OshieVegas Golden Knights00Link
T.J. TynanLos Angeles Kings00Link
Taige HardingDallas Stars00
Talyn BoykoTampa Bay Lightning00
Tanner DickinsonAnaheim Ducks00
Tanner KeroLos Angeles Kings00Link
Tanner LudtkeVancouver Canucks16104
Tanner MolendykCarolina Hurricanes1618
Tarmo ReunanenDallas Stars00
Taylor BeckToronto Maple Leafs00
Terrance AmorosaToronto Maple Leafs00
Terrell GoldsmithSt. Louis Blues16116
Theo LindsteinCalgary Flames1635
Theodore NiederbachMinnesota Wild00
Thimo NicklAnaheim Ducks00
Thomas GreissTampa Bay Lightning00Link
Thomas KundratekNashville Predators00
Thomas MilicSt. Louis Blues1681
Thomas SchemitschFlorida Panthers00
Tim KennedyToronto Maple Leafs00
Tim SoderlundNew Jersey Devils00
Timothy GettingerPhiladelphia Flyers00Link
Timur MukhanovCarolina Hurricanes16139
Tj tynanLos Angeles Kings00
Tnias MathurinWashington Capitals00
Tobias RiederOttawa Senators00Link
Todd BurgessSan Jose Sharks00
Tom WillanderCarolina Hurricanes1614
Tomas HamaraMontreal Canadiens00
Tomas JurcoWashington Capitals00Link
Topi NiemelaMontreal Canadiens00
Topi RonniVegas Golden Knights00
Topias LeinonenLos Angeles Kings00
Topias VilenOttawa Senators00
Trevor DaleyToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Trevor JanickeWinnipeg Jets00
Trevor KuntarNew Jersey Devils00
Trey AugustineNew York Islanders1644
Tristan BertucciColumbus Blue Jackets1678
Tristan BrozNew York Islanders00
Tristan LennoxNashville Predators00
Tristan LuneauNew York Rangers00
Tristen RobinsNew Jersey Devils00
Tucker RobertsonPittsburgh Penguins00
Tuukka RaskVegas Golden Knights00Link
Tuukka TieksolaWinnipeg Jets00
Ty MuellerTampa Bay Lightning16141
Ty MurchisonFlorida Panthers00
Ty NelsonToronto Maple Leafs00
Ty SmilanicVegas Golden Knights00
Ty SmithNew York Islanders00Link
Ty VoitBuffalo Sabres00
Ty YoungFlorida Panthers00
Tyce ThompsonWinnipeg Jets00Link
Tyler BensonMontreal Canadiens00Link
Tyler BoucherSan Jose Sharks00
Tyler BrennanNew York Islanders00
Tyler KlevenNew York Rangers00
Tyler MaddenAnaheim Ducks00
Tyler MuszelikNew York Islanders00
Tyler ParsonsTampa Bay Lightning00
Tyler TullioEdmonton Oilers00
Tyler WeissNashville Predators00
Tyson GallowayNashville Predators00
Tyson HindsOttawa Senators00
Tyson JugnauthNew York Rangers00
Vaclav KarabacekTampa Bay Lightning00
Vadim MorozTampa Bay Lightning16115
Vadim ZherenkoNew York Rangers16125
Valtteri PulliMontreal Canadiens1697
Vasily PonomarevVegas Golden Knights00
Veeti MiettinenNew York Rangers00
Veini VehvilainenColumbus Blue Jackets00
Victor ManciniSt. Louis Blues00
Victor RaskNew York Islanders00Link
Victor StjernborgEdmonton Oilers00
Viktor HurtigBoston Bruins00
Viktor LodinAnaheim Ducks00
Viktor NeuchevColumbus Blue Jackets00
Viljami MarjalaColumbus Blue Jackets00
Ville HeinolaCalgary Flames00Link
Ville KoivunenPhiladelphia Flyers002024-06-02
Ville OttavainenOttawa Senators00
Vilmer AlrikssonBoston Bruins16145
Vincent IoroOttawa Senators00
Vinzenz RohrerPhiladelphia Flyers00
Vitali KravtsovMinnesota Wild00
Vitaly AbramovMontreal Canadiens00Link
Vladimir GrudininCarolina Hurricanes00
Vladimir KuznetsovPhiladelphia Flyers00
Vladimir SobotkaNew York Islanders00Link
Vladislav FirstovDallas Stars00
Vladislav KamenevSan Jose Sharks00Link
Vladislav LukashevichNashville Predators00
Vladislav YeryomenkoPittsburgh Penguins00
Vsevolod KomarovColorado Avalanche002024-06-08
Wade AllissonToronto Maple Leafs00
Wayne SimmondsVancouver Canucks00Link
Will ButcherPittsburgh Penguins00Link
Will CranleyEdmonton Oilers00
William BittenPittsburgh Penguins00
William DufourNew Jersey Devils00
William RousseauColorado Avalanche16184
William SmithMinnesota Wild165
William StromgrenBuffalo Sabres00
William TrudeauColumbus Blue Jackets002024-03-09
William VilleneuveLos Angeles Kings00
William Von BarnekowMinnesota Wild00
William WallinderCarolina Hurricanes00
William WhitelawDetroit Red Wings1684
Wyatte WylieChicago Blackhawks00
Xavier BernardSan Jose Sharks00
Xavier BouchardSan Jose Sharks00
Xavier BourgeaultAnaheim Ducks00
Xavier OuelletNew York Islanders00Link
Yan Pavel Laplante Montreal Canadiens00
Yaniv PeretsCarolina Hurricanes00
Yegor KorshkovNashville Predators00
Yegor SidorovLos Angeles Kings1670
Yegor SpiridonovMinnesota Wild00
Yegor VelmakinCarolina Hurricanes16149
Yegor YegorovNashville Predators16143
Yegor ZavraginPittsburgh Penguins1687
Yevgeni OksentyukLos Angeles Kings00
Yevgeni VolokhinNashville Predators16111
Zac DalpeBuffalo Sabres00Link
Zac RinaldoToronto Maple Leafs00Link
Zach GallantNew York Islanders00
Zach NehringToronto Maple Leafs16105
Zach SenyshynCalgary Flames00Link
Zach SillToronto Maple Leafs00
Zach TrotmanSan Jose Sharks00
Zach UensAnaheim Ducks00
Zachary FucaleAnaheim Ducks00Link
Zachary l HeureuxPittsburgh Penguins00
Zack KassianSeattle Kraken00Link
Zam planteChicago Blackhawks00
Zayde WisdomNew Jersey Devils00
Zeb ForsfjallBuffalo Sabres16157
Zion NybeckCarolina Hurricanes00
benjamin gallagherToronto Maple Leafs00
shane MaguireToronto Maple Leafs00